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John Schaecher RPT (owner) has been Technician/Tuner for both the San Francisco Symphony and SFJAZZ since December 2019 until the shut down in Match while Mr.John P. was out of commission..

We tune for many professional pianists. The results of our work have been heard in all the major halls and on numerous recordings from all the major and minor recording studios in the bay area.
John Schaecher RPT, has maintained the pianos at the legendary Plush Room (now  dark) for over 25 years.
( we went through 3 Yamaha grand pianos in that time - one of the live recordings in the room was nominated for a Grammy - "Jackie and Roy" for best small jazz group live.)


Currently our piano tuning service area is only San Francisco.
We are known for taking the patience to make sure each piano is tuned to A-440, the standard pitch of musicians. If pianos have been neglected and missed tunings for a number years it takes more work to get them to hold pitch (A-440). Middle A is the reference note and should vibrate at 440 cycles per second.  The cost of tuning varies depending on the condition of the piano. Please call us for our current rates. Tunings may be scheduled within the week. We can also do minor repairs along with tuning. If you have a repair problem -"sticky key", you can lessen the expense by having it repaired when you tune your piano.

  NEW RECORD SET !                                                                                                                                                                  This piano is 125 years old and now the oldest piano we've seen (in over thirty years of piano tuning) in San Francisco that can still be tuned to A-440 .  It belongs to one of our customers and is in our shop for restoration. It spent its years on Page St. in the Haight.  Amazingly we were still able to tune the original strings to A-440, suffering one broken bass string which was repaired and re installed. The pitch this c.1882-83  piano was designed for is unknown as pitch varied quite a bit at that time. Also this instrument is strung in bi chords - two strings per note instead of three.